7 things About The Spivey Consulting Group You May Not Have Known...

**1.** We turn away clients who we do not think we can help. This is because we sincerely seek to add real, tangible value.  If we think you are already going to get the results you want, or if your aspirations are likely out of reach, we will have an honest discussion with you about whether we can help. We aren’t simply in this to collect receivables, but rather see our business as a partnership with every client. We also have a cap on the number of clients we take each cycle so that we can get to know each one individually.

2. We regularly get hired by law schools to consult for them.

**3. **We have been fortunate to help numerous former students and colleagues make connections and find jobs in legal education.

4. We provide consulting services  pro bono each year for people with financial hardship and give discounts to active duty members of the military as well as veterans.

5. We spend $0.00 on advertising. Our only marketing cost of any kind has been our website. Indeed, even a contest we sponsored with a prize was, in turn, given to us by a happy client. All of our clients come through free advice online, referrals, and word of mouth. So please keep spreading the word!

6. We have a new address (particularly helpful for current clients). It is:

500 Elmington Ave. #320

Nashville, TN 37205

*** 7.* Karen, Jennifer, & Mike are all runners.  Karen is a race junkie who has completed dozens of road races and triathlons including 3 marathons and a Half-Ironman. Jennifer is a member of a Colorado running club and just set a 10k PR. Mike is a former sprinter who did his first distance run, the BolderBoulder, in 2014.