A testimonial from a great client who talks about overcoming lower LSATs than the schools he applied to

“When my LSAT score wasn’t up to par with some of the schools I planned on applying to, more work needed to go into the remainder of my application, which is where Mike Spivey was able to greatly assist.  Through his consulting I was able to gain an impactful edge and an insider’s perspective that helped to successfully set me apart from other applicants.  Without Mike’s expertise I don’t believe my entire application would have been nearly as effective as it proved to be with some of the schools I thought I didn’t have a chance at being admitted to.  Mike was also able to help me emphasize the strengths and downplay any weaknesses my personal statement, which ended up being the strongest, most influential aspect of my application.  Mike knows exactly what he’s talking about, and I am utterly pleased to have enlisted his services.  Not only is he extremely affordable, but is flexible when it came to my schedule and the deadlines of all the schools I applied to.  I simply cannot speak highly enough of Mike Spivey and how much he’s eased this entire process, and I highly recommend seeking his expertise. ” -Pete