Admissions Consulting and Pre-L Capacity/New Hires

A few Spivey Consulting announcements regarding our programs.

Admissions Consulting

For law school admissions, we have been taking on more clients, earlier, than any previous cycle and at least two of our consultants are nearly maxed out. Because of this, we have made two exciting moves. Jenn Kopolow, who was with us part time, has joined Spivey Consulting full time. Jenn has experience as both a legal writing professor and admissions director. She has helped scores of clients get admitted to elite law schools and now will do that full time.

We have also added Shannon Davis to our team. Shannon is an exceptionally well-regarded long-standing admissions dean with over 17 years experience of law school admissions. In her career she has served on a number of LSAC committees and has run multiple departments. We have been actively recruiting both Shannon and Jenn to join us since about day 1 of Spivey Consulting — so the addition of both Jenn full-time and Shannon to our team, for us, marks the culmination of adding two more of the very best of law school admissions to Spivey Consulting.

New bios for Shannon and Jenn have been added to our about page.

Pre-L Program

For our Pre-L Program, which helps upcoming law students get a jump start on legal writing and more, we are at 50% capacity already. We also have added a new instructor, Patrick Connorton, whose ridiculously impressive bio can be found on our About Page as well.


Finally we have added a number of recent testimonials from this past cycle to our testimonial page. Indeed, we just got another this morning":

"I had scores that were just shy of the medians at the top 3 schools, and because of this, I was not going to apply to any of them. Jayme reminded me that we all have a story to tell, and encouraged me to submit applications to each of YHS. Now I wake up every morning pinching myself because I can’t believe I’m going to one of these schools in the fall. Thank you Jayme for your generosity and for making such a big difference in my life."

We hope to see many of you this coming cycle, either as clients or readers on our blog! Let us know if we can help at: