August Pre-L Crash Course: Only 2 Spots Available

Our regular Pre-L course is full, but we have decided to offer two spots in an abbreviated Pre-L crash course during the month of August, perfect for learning the techniques to ace your law school courses right before the semester starts. Students will work with our instructor Rob Cacace one-on-one and will cover the following topics:

  • Briefing
  • Socratic Method
  • Outlining
  • Issue-Spotter Exams

Here are two testimonials from students of our Pre-L Course from last year:

“I was very nervous about starting law school a few years removed from undergrad with low confidence from a less than stellar LSAT score. Working with Rob restored my confidence. His tips on briefing, outlining, and exams were fantastic, and I am excited to be able to use these as my secret attack plans. I highly recommend working with Rob for anyone wanting confidence heading into school.”
“The two biggest benefits I received from the Pre-L program were 1) a personalized study process for briefing cases and outlining for final, and 2) developing an ‘attacking’ mindset which allowed me to actively engage with 1L materials. I'm definitely glad I did it because it made me comfortable with everything I experienced in my first year. Nothing caught me off-guard once I got to school!”

If you are interested in talking with Rob about whether the Pre-L crash course might be a good choice for you, please contact us at