Coming Soon, SCG Client Results Data

More detailed data coming soon on our website!

This past year (the 2018-2019 admissions cycle), at 29 of the top 30 law schools, our clients exceeded or greatly exceeded the admissions rate of each school.

We have a 99.3% satisfaction rate.

And here are just a few things our clients said about us this past cycle:

The law school application process is gruelingly long and emotionally taxing. Knowing that Nick was there to answer any and all questions I had added a degree of certainty that feels almost entirely absent in those months. He answered every email immediately, even wishing my college basketball team good luck, and later congratulations, on its NCAA Championship win. In addition to his moral support was his breadth and depth of knowledge. He helped me craft a heartfelt yet direct letter regarding financial aid to my top-choice law school, which ultimately increased its offer. I will be attending in the fall and could not be happier. Thank you, Nick!
I spoke with dozens of attorneys, law students, and professors throughout my application process and Derek was literally the most helpful person out of all of them. Northwestern was my top choice heading into the cycle and I don't think I would have gotten the scholarship amount I did without him. He helped me use all my leverage points as strategically as possible to get me off the wait list and into Northwestern.  Aside from knowing a ton about the application process, I could always tell Derek really cared about me and my success. He truly went above and beyond in helping me and I'll always be thankful for him.
I'd like to thank Anne for her time, patience, and advice. I can honestly say I wouldn't be in the position I'm in without her help, and I certainly wouldn't have maintained this level of sanity! I would recommend Anne to prospective clients without hesitation. Largely thanks to Anne, I now expect to graduate from my top choice debt free.
Prior to working with Shannon, I had almost written off applying to schools. My GPA in undergrad was abysmal, and even with a strong LSAT, I wasn’t sure I if stood a chance. I cannot overstate how much Shannon and Spivey made a positive impact on my cycle and outlook. I had no experience with the law school application process, and I know that I wouldn’t have gotten the result I achieved without Shannon. I had only about two months before application deadlines when I started working with Shannon, and she was unbelievable every step of the way. It was unreal how quick some of her turn around times were. With a 2.4 GPA, I now have a full ride to a T1 school. Spivey is worth every cent.

And one last one that truly made all of us here at Spivey Consulting Group smile:

Tom Robinson is one of the most phenomenal human beings on this planet. I applied straight out of undergraduate with a strong resume and very solid work experiences even at my young age of 22. I began studying for the LSAT in January 2018 and took the June, September, November, and January (2019) tests. I reached my plateau of 160 (was PTing much higher but many things held me back and that is a whole other conversation for another day). I did have a strong undergrad and a solid GPA of 3.81. I also knew that I was applying this cycle no matter what and that I had to overcome my LSAT which would inherently be a large potential inhibiting factor for me to prevail over to if I were to reach any of my lofty goals.

I like to think of myself as relatively well put together but I also know that I am a scatterbrain who needs a sense of direction when completing important tasks. As such, the consultant search began and subsequently ended pretty quickly. I had already heard of Spivey through some preliminary Google searches, and when a friend also recommended them, it was a no-brainer. Tom and I began working together at the beginning of December 2018. We got right to work on my personal and diversity statements, improving my resume, addenda, and Why "X" school drafts. I always felt that I had a strong story to tell but had no idea how to tell it. That, combined with my LSAT score put me in a bind.

Almost in a similar manner to how law school trains you to think differently (from what I hear!), Tom helped change the way I was thinking about my Personal and Diversity Statement as well as about individual school choices. No, I am not saying he helped me "think like a lawyer;"... I am saying that he fundamentally transformed my approach to how I was thinking about my application and my writing. It was not that Tom waved some magic wand and boom, we had a beautifully finished package with a shiny ribbon. Rather, he pulled the best parts of me out by constantly asking questions designed for me to look inward and do some deep self-evaluation. He helped me organize my thoughts and ideas in a coherent way. I think that was the biggest thing he emphasized when we began working together — “you need a coherent application, one where the pieces compliment each other and work in harmony to tell the story of who you are.” It was a pure collaboration of the highest order — we would bounce ideas off each other and always have a plan or goal in mind as we forged ahead — such as putting paragraphs together or dealing with the strategic timing of certain communications with schools. He was encouraging and optimistic while also always keeping it as real as possible with me when it came to any school or thoughts on my application or other factors. Things were not sugar-coated, but they were also not presented unnecessarily harshly — it was as if he always knew what button to push or what to say/do. And if there ever was a time where he did not, then we worked through the situation together and came out better than when we started.

I literally do not think that I will be ever to thank Tom enough, for as long as I live. I am not simply engaging in hyperbole when I say this. It is not only the fact that I got into reach schools. It is that, in a time of extreme anxiety, flux, and uncertainty, Tom helped guide me through the tumult. A therapist, consultant, advisor, editor, collaborator, and a friend — Tom Robinson helped pull the best parts of me together and feel good about my cycle all the while.

If you were to enter my stats and time of application into the 7 sage LSAT calculator or myLSN, (3.81 GPA, 160 LSAT, January applicant), I had a 10-15% change to get into any of the T20s I was looking at and less than 30% for some of the T30s that I was admitted at with scholarship (BU and GWU). Yet, by the grace of my hard work, God, and Tom, I will be attending an elite law school that I am absolutely in love with, with scholarship. I truly hope someone at Spivey reads this, if for nothing else to provide someone else besides me the opportunity to be able to tell Tom he is having a true positive impact on the lives of young people as they chase their dreams.
Mr. Spivey, we have not met. But if you are reading this, I would like to thank you for doing the work that you do and for having assembled such a fantastic company (if the other consultants are even half as great as Tom, which I'd be willing to bet they are, then you have an all-star group of people working with you). Thank you for creating a way for young aspiring Professionals to have a shot in a process that can be infuriating, gut-wrenching, and extraordinarily confusing. I hope you guys continue the great work you are doing for a long long time.