Free Services

All of the following are free and, for some, can really make a difference.

June 10th LSAT

If you are freaked out, anxious, need a distraction, or all of the above you can call my work phone (found at my website homepage) and I am happy to talk you down from the ledge. I have literally done this hundreds of times and a number of people have said it helped. I’ve even blocked off my Monday morning calendar for this.

September Travel to Colleges and Universities

I’m going to be traveling in September to the following cities, likely in this order:

Austin (likely September 17th)
Dallas (dates set: September 18th and 19th)
Boston (dates set: September 24th and 25th)

If you want me to speak at your school, I am happy to do so. I have done this at many colleges, it is free, and the feedback thus far has honestly been 100% positive, including some unsolicited testimonials written to me after talks. (I imagine my next talk will bomb because I just jinxed it). Just email me if you have a school you want me to talk at and/or if you are a member of an organization you want me to speak at.

I hope these help. Good luck for the LSAT folks.