Limited number of special packages: Mock Interviews, Wait-list, Transfer

I have four packages available, which break down as follows:

(first 10 on each of the first three and then they close out)

  1. Mock Skype or Phone Interview + 1 hour of wait-list advice. Price: $400. Package: You get an hour of mock interview (not with me, with someone who does this for a living) which includes the interview, evaluation of interview, and suggestions of what to say for your real interview that take the particular school in mind. Additionally, I will spent an hour over the phone with you talking about how to go from wait-list to admit

  2. Just Mock Interview. Price: $250

  3. Just 1 hour wait-list advice with me. Price: $225

  4. Transfer “Success” package. Price: $200 + success.

For transfer students (please read my blog post first on the mistake of transferring… Mistake #2) I offer a package where you pay the $200 for our time together and then you only pay if admitted. That part is variable depending on the number of schools applied to and how much of a stretch that may be.