LSAC Forums & Recruiting Events in the Time of COVID-19

Mid-summer is usually the start of the law school recruiting season, where law school admissions representatives travel across the country to law school fairs and forums to meet prospective applicants and aspiring law students. Because of COVID-19, LSAC and law schools are creating virtual options for recruiting events. Most notably, LSAC is planning three free online digital forums so that everyone has a chance to safely attend and connect. They will be on September 26th, October 13th, and November 4th.

As for in-person forums, LSAC has canceled all forums except for the New York City forum (scheduled for October 23-24), but that forum is "unlikely to take place" either per LSAC. They are keeping a close eye on safety concerns.

For more information and links to both the digital and in person forums, visit the 2020 LSAC Law School Forums page. For the full recruitment COVID-19 update, and to sign up for email notifications, visit LSAC's COVID-19 Updates page.

Whether in person or virtual, if you haven't already been to a law fair or LSAC forum, we encourage you to do so. LSAC and law schools post their events on LSAC's recruitment calendar, and most law school admissions offices have their recruiting schedule posted on their website.