LSAT Numbers this cycle

We don't have final May LSAT Flex numbers yet, but 2019-2020 is going to be down in both total registrants and first timers compared to last year. A lot of credit to LSAC for actually getting an online test out during the pandemic, otherwise we'd be looking at a much more substantial decline in registrants and test takers.

It also looks like more test dates isn't translating into more test-takers, but it may be yielding more retakes. This is hard to say for certain given the unique July 2019 LSAT offer (free cancellation and retake) which could easily have inflated retaker numbers throughout the application cycle.

Looking forward, it'll be very interesting to see how July 2020 numbers end up when registration closes on the 28th. So far the volume is down, although registration always spikes on the last few days before sign-up closes. Still, there's a lot of ground to make up to account for the at least 33% decline in June takers compared to last year. Normally in a recessive economy we would expect more applicants to law school- and hence more LSAT takers. That very well still could be the case. Perhaps potential registrants aren't sure what format July will be, or are concerned about large group gatherings and want to wait until August. It's something to keep an eye on as we head into next cycle.