Mike Spivey's My Rank Top 50 Law Schools

As many of you know, we have spent the past several months developing a tool for prospective law school applicants to create their own customized law school rankings. My Rank is available now and is free for anyone to use (no sign-up required). For fun, I asked Mike to create his own rankings (and then had to explain to him like he was a 12-year-old how to use our wildly easy platform!).

Below are Mike's top 50, and then a brief explanation from Mike on how we got here.

- Anna Hicks

Here are his top 50:

  1. University of Chicago
  2. Northwestern University
  3. Duke University
  4. Yale University
  5. Stanford University
  6. University of Michigan
  7. Washington University in St. Louis
  8. Cornell University
  9. University of Illinois
  10. University of California—Berkeley
  11. Vanderbilt University
  12. University of Texas at Austin
  13. University of Virginia
  14. Washington and Lee University
  15. University of Pennsylvania
  16. Boston University
  17. University of Notre Dame
  18. University of Minnesota
  19. Pennsylvania State—Dickinson Law
  20. Harvard University
  21. University of California—Los Angeles
  22. William and Mary Law School
  23. Columbia University
  24. Wake Forest University
  25. University of Southern California
  26. New York University
  27. University of Iowa
  28. Indiana University—Bloomington
  29. University of California—Irvine
  30. George Mason University
  31. Ohio State University
  32. Pennsylvania State—Penn State Law
  33. University of Arizona
  34. University of California—Davis
  35. Georgetown University
  36. University of Wisconsin
  37. Emory University
  38. University of Georgia
  39. University of Florida
  40. Seton Hall University
  41. Northeastern University
  42. Boston College
  43. University of Alabama
  44. Florida State University
  45. University of Washington
  46. Villanova University
  47. University of Colorado
  48. Temple University
  49. University of Richmond
  50. Arizona State University

Just an FYI, my category weights likely look a lot different from most applicants'. For example, I know how incredibly flawed both USNWR rankings and reporting mechanisms are, so I devalued those a good deal, but I would understand why an applicant would not – they matter to employers. That is just one of many examples. But I think that is the point – everyone's rankings are individualized for them. I was actually surprised and fascinated by these results. I hope you are too by your own! –Mike

Mike's Top 10
Comparison Table for Mike's Top 4

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