New SCG Member Danielle Early

We are excited to announce that Danielle Early, former admissions officer at Harvard Law School, has joined The Spivey Consulting Group as an Associate Partner and full-time consultant.

Karen Buttenbaum, who hired Danielle at Harvard Law, speaks toward Danielle's enthusiasm for helping students and applicants:

Danielle comes to us with an incredible amount of experience working with students -- and I know that she will care very much about seeing her clients succeed just as she cared about her students' success. She is a dedicated worker, a problem solver, and a down-to-earth person who knows legal education and law school admissions as an absolute expert.

Danielle's bio:

Danielle Early has 15 years of admissions experience, most recently serving as Associate Director of Admissions at Harvard Law School. As a voting member of the HLS admissions committee, she evaluated over 10,000 applications and conducted hundreds of admissions interviews. Prior to joining Karen in the HLS admissions office, Danielle worked in undergraduate admissions at Harvard College as well as Clark University.

In addition to the many roles Danielle filled in the HLS admissions office, she also served as a proctor (or dorm parent/resident hall director) while at Harvard, acting as an academic and career advisor for students. Danielle has spent considerable time counseling students throughout their undergraduate careers, job searches and grad school applications.

Danielle earned her Bachelor’s Degree at Clark University as a double major in Communications and Studio Art and then continued on there to earn a Master’s Degree in Professional Communications. These days, you are likely to find her hiking with her dog, taking cooking classes or working on a new drawing

Danielle can be reached at: