Prepare for 1L with Our One-on-One Pre-L Classes

To help get a jumpstart on what law school actually entails and on 1L preparation, we are launching our seventh year of Pre-L packages for applicants starting next Fall.

This year, we’re offering 2020 Pre-L rates for anyone who signs up in the next month. The 2021 packages have added content and resources, but we have locked in our 2020 prices through January 15, 2021.

Pre-L offers one-on-one training in law school prep, career prep, and writing training. We have different packages to prepare you for the hidden curriculum of 1L, the turbulent job market, and the rigors of learning lawyers' key skill: legal writing. We've helped students at top schools earn the results they want and prepare for a fast-paced job cycle. More information here.

If you're interested in reserving a spot before January 15, send a note to, and we'll set up time for a quick phone call to discuss availability and pricing.