Spivey Consulting Capacity Update

As we get closer to the beginning of the 2020-2021 cycle, we wanted to share some important updates about our capacity.

  1. We are NOT full for the upcoming cycle! While we have been on a waitlist since June, we will continue to partner with new clients throughout the entirety of the cycle. We are working hard to add additional availability and are excited to announce a new hire very soon! (We may be able to announce more new hires in the near future, but we’re extremely selective and go very slowly to make sure we get the absolute best admissions experts when it comes to adding consultants to our team.) It’s also important to remember that our work with clients ranges from one-hour partnerships to work that extends throughout the entire cycle, including waitlist and scholarship negotiation assistance in the spring, so our consultants have additional availability on a rolling and ongoing basis.
  2. You may have heard that our current wait is approximately 6-9 weeks. This is possibly true, but please remember that when it comes to wait times, we’d rather under-promise and over-deliver than the opposite! We want to be sure we provide our potential clients with the most accurate wait at the time they reach out to us, and we evaluate our ability to take on more clients on a daily basis. If you are already on our list, the timeline we provided you was (and still is) our best estimate. We will reach out as soon as we have availability, and we can’t wait to speak with you! If you have not yet reached out to us, it is NOT too late to be added to our list for the 20-21 cycle. Feel free to email us at info@spiveyconsulting.com for more information.
  3. If you partner with us in August or September, there is still time to submit your applications “early.” Please note, this is VERY general advice and depends on a number of factors specific to you, including when you take the LSAT, how much time you need to brainstorm/write/edit your personal statement and other essays, whether you have requested LORs, etc. While applicants become savvier each cycle about applying earlier to try to gain an advantage and the LSAT is being offered more frequently than ever before, the general rule of thumb has always been that applications received prior to Thanksgiving are “early.” It’s important to submit your best application possible as opposed to simply the earliest application.
  4. We have a new service — with no wait! — for those who need immediate strategic advice! Our “2-4 Hour Phone Call and Strategic Advising” service bypasses the waitlist — this service may be used for document review and strategic discussions but does not include editing, and is capped by the 2, 3, or 4 hour choice depending which you prefer. Also, it cannot be extended to other services (such as our application package). If you’re interested, please email us at info@spiveyconsulting.com for more information! Availability is limited.