Spivey Consulting Client Capacity Update

With the recent addition of Tom Robinson to our team from Harvard Law, we are about at 60% capacity. That said, as in the past few cycles, we expect to reach capacity around September or October. Every year we get an incredibly large number of inquiries in December through February from people who are slightly underperforming their cycle who we can't take — please consider that if you are considering us.

We also just recently re-upped our LST Pro Package so that all of our Application and Full Cycle Clients have free access to LST Pro.

To see our different packages, visit our admissions page here.

To learn more about admissions consulting and if it is a good fit for you, visit our page on whether you need an admissions consultant here.

To speak with a consultant for free session and to see if you are a good fit, you can reach us at info@spiveyconsulting.com.