Upcoming Events and Speaking Engagements

Afternoon of Sunday, Oct 7th-afternoon Sunday, Oct 8th: I will be conducting an open Q&A thread on admissions and career placement at www.top-law-schools.com. This may be particularly appealing for those who just took the Oct 6th LSAT.

Friday, Oct 12th: I will be speaking at Idaho State University on the law school application and admission process, their write-up on the event is as follows:

“Mr. Michael Spivey (spiveyconsulting.com) will meet with prospective law school applicants on Friday, October 12, at noon, in the Rendezvous Bldg., Rm. 115.

Mr. Spivey is a nationally-known consultant who has been a director of admissions at a top-20 law school and advises law schools on their admissions process.  He will share his insider’s perspective on law school admissions with interested students.  If you are thinking about attending law school, please come and take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet with an expert on law school admissions.”

Wednesday, Oct 24th: I will be speaking at the The University of Texas-Dallas on the law school admissions and legal employment outlook.

Mid to Late November, 2012: An interview with admissionsdean.com should be up.

This is just the tip of the upcoming events iceberg, more to follow soon!