Working with Spivey Consulting

As we approach the start of another cycle, we wanted to take a moment to look back at the past several. The majority of our clients go to the very most selective law schools, which we eagerly admit is reflection on them more than it is on us. They are simply really good people and we help to let law schools see this. Most are splitters or reverse splitters.

What do we do? We help come up with a distinctive brand with each individual, and help them submit the best possible law school application. And although it may seem daunting to most applicants, the reality is that when you work with us, it is easy because everyone has something about them interesting and distinct. We hear a lot of “there is nothing special about me to present to the admission committees” early on, but soon after we are diving into fascinating stories. It is also easy because combined we have over 40 years’ experience and have read tens of thousands of law school applications. There are so many pitfalls that applicants aren’t aware of, and that we know how to avoid.

One note on this upcoming cycle: we are already well over 50% capacity. We limit the number of clients we take because we really need to get to know each client well, vis-à-vis the above paragraph. We work with a wide variety of clients from different backgrounds, different credentials and different goals, and we appreciate how open they are with us about all of these characteristics. But they all have some things in common: They are both driven and dreamers. They drive themselves hard but dream of lofty aspirations. They come from all over the world, small towns and large cities alike. They understand that every detail in this process matters. They also understand that it is a process that takes time. We aren’t going to develop the perfect identity and application in a week, and we aren’t going to hear back from all law schools instantly. In sum, they are driven and willing to be patient with law schools to reach the end goal. And they like people. I can’t tell you how important being a likeable human being is in the admission process. It matters when working with us (if you are less-than-kind we’ll eventually have to tell you) and it matters even more in every application, email, visit, and interaction you have with schools.

So, if you are driven with lofty goals and willing to work patiently and pleasantly to achieve them – it would be a great pleasure to work with you. We will get to know you well. And perhaps by the end of the process we will become lifelong friends. It happens with so many of our clients and it is the greatest part of our job – although watching people the day the get into their dream school isn’t so bad either!