Class of 2021 Entry Statistics and Changes

As law schools start to round out their final classes to begin this fall, we wanted to keep track of incoming classes’ GPA/LSAT stats and look at how they changed from last year. In past years, law school discussion forums have crowdsourced this data, but since we haven’t seen a similar effort take place yet this year, we put together a spreadsheet that can be added to and kept up-to-date, we hope, from members of numerous different online law admissions discussion communities. We’re posting it here for ease of access, and we’ll be linking to it on LawSchool.Life and the Law School Admissions subreddit.

As this data is crowdsourced, we can’t guarantee its complete accuracy, though we will try to keep it as accurate as possible and verify fully once 509 reports are released.

Here is the spreadsheet. Note: the spreadsheet is locked because of fake data being added repeatedly, so just PM Mike on Reddit or Danielle on LSL, or email us at with any medians and we will update them as they come in! Thanks!