26 Jul 2019 has launched!

As of today, we are excited to announce the launch of our newest project, My Rank!

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26 Jul 2019

Don't Dox Yourself

I almost beg this of you. Please do not post identifiable information online associated with your law school application ever. It costs multiple people admission every year.

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25 Jul 2019

Top 50 Law School Application Opening Dates for the 2019-2020 Cycle

*Please note, schools can change these dates, and it is possible that when we called to ask them that they gave us the dates applications become available to fill out on the LSAC website rather than when applications are accepted (although we were very careful to clearly articulate what we were asking about) — but this should be highly accurate to the extent we can control it. Also please note that several schools told us that they had not yet decided on an exact date that they will be acceptin

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16 Jul 2019

Ten Things to do After the July LSAT

It's done! Congratulations, you completed the July LSAT — a historic test, the first widespread administration of the new digital format. But what now?

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01 Jul 2019

Application Timing

Many law school websites have somewhat unclear language about how early you should send in an application, and applicants hear conflicting information from friends, colleagues, and pre-law advisers.

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26 Jun 2019

How to set your letter of recommendation writer up for success

The best recommendations come from people who know you well and can write about your abilities from personal observation.

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07 Jun 2019

Law School Application Fee Waivers: Part 1 (Unsolicited Fee Waivers)

This is a three-part series on fee waivers from Joe Pollak [], Spivey Consulting Group admissions consultant and former admissions officer at the University of Michigan Law School. Part 1 discusses how to get unsolicited merit-based fee waivers for your law school applications. Part 2 [] will cover requesting merit-based fee waivers, and Part 3 [

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04 Jun 2019

What makes for successful law school admission?

Spivey Consulting Partner Mike Spivey [] talks about the two primary things at the highest order that make applications stand out and elevate in the admissions process.

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20 May 2019

2018-2019 Waitlist Movement and Advice, Mid-May Update

It's that time of year: waitlist movement time. Many first and second deposit deadlines have passed, and schools are starting the process of finalizing their entering 2019 classes. That's good news for thousands of nervous applicants who are sitting on waitlists anxiously hoping for news. Those of you who were around in the 2017-2018 cycle remember it as a summer of disappointment. The dramatic 7.9% increase in LSAT applicants in that cycle overwhelmed many schools unprepared for such drastic

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16 May 2019

Predicting the 2019/2020 Law School Admissions Cycle

It's that time of year: but before our predictions, our exciting annual disclaimer. I feel like this is more important than ever, so please read, even if after jumping down below. Disclaimer: the future is hard to see. When we do this annual blog, we talk to many experts—CEOs of LSAT prep companies, deans of law schools, deans of admissions, and so forth. The first thing almost everyone says is, "Well who knows what next cycle will be like?" then the second thing is often "Wait, aren't you the p

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