23 Feb 2023

Podcast: When Should You Reach Out to an Admissions Office, and How Should You Do It?

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike discusses a question that tends to come up frequently this time of year—“Should I contact x law school's admissions office to ask for an update since I haven't heard back yet?”

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10 Feb 2023

Podcast: The Rules of Reddit

Are adcoms on Reddit? Will they Google you? What sorts of online conduct can turn an admit into a waitlist or deny? Mike gives his thoughts on these questions and more from 15+ years following law school message boards.

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03 Feb 2023

Podcast: How to Crush the Second Half of the Law School Admissions Cycle

In this episode, Mike gives an update on 2022-2023 applicant data and discusses admissions strategies for the second half of the application cycle: waitlists and letters of continued interest, tips for asking for scholarship reconsideration, and handling the waiting/anxiety.

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24 Sep 2022

Podcast: What It's Like Applying to Law School, Part 1

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Anna Hicks-Jaco speaks with an applicant from Reddit! They talk about the LSAT, personal statements, letters of recommendation, resumes, optional essays, and more.

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20 Sep 2022

Podcast: UVA Law Admissions Dean Natalie Blazer Dives Deep into Law School Admissions

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike interviews Natalie Blazer, who currently serves as the Assistant Dean for Admissions and Chief Admissions Officer at the University of Virginia School of Law.

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08 Sep 2022

Basics of Law School Financial Aid

the financial aid piece is a necessary aspect of law school enrollment and one that benefits you most if you consider it early on in the process, not just at the end.

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01 Sep 2022

Should you cancel your LSAT score now that there's Score Preview?

LSAC recently implemented a change of policy regarding their still relatively new "Score Preview" feature, which allows you to cancel your LSAT score within 6 days of receiving it. So if you scored well below the score range that you were hoping or expecting to, should you cancel?

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22 Aug 2022

Greek Life & Law School Admissions: Should You Include Your Sorority/Fraternity in Your Application?

We often hear from applicants who feel they should scrub their resumes and other materials of any mention of their involvement in fraternities or sororities. While some applicants in online forums seem to support this prohibition, the best approach for you individually might be more nuanced.

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12 Aug 2022

Podcast: Law School Admissions AMA with Mike Spivey & Dave Killoran (Part 1)

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike and Dave answer questions from the Law School Admissions Reddit. This will be a series of two episodes, with Part 2 coming out next week.

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12 Jul 2022

Summer Internship Skills Part 2 of 2: Writing

Employers and clients value a lawyer who can succinctly and informally explain a legal issue or communicate effectively by email, and those are skills that (probably) will not be covered in your first year of law school.

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