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26 Jul 2019 has launched!

As of today, we are excited to announce the launch of our newest project, My Rank!

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17 Jul 2019

August Pre-L Crash Course: Only 2 Spots Available

Our regular Pre-L course is full, but we have decided to offer two spots in an abbreviated Pre-L crash course during the month of August, perfect for learning the techniques to ace your law school courses right before the semester starts.

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01 Jul 2019

Coming Soon, SCG Client Results Data

This past year (the 2018-2019 admissions cycle), at 29 of the top 30 law schools, our clients exceeded or greatly exceeded the admissions rate of each school.

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06 Jun 2019

Dr. Peter Cramer to join Spivey Consulting to launch LLM Consulting Program

Peter Cramer, currently the Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs at Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, will join The Spivey Consulting Group in July as Senior Consultant and Director of LLM Consulting to launch our LLM Consulting service. In this capacity, Peter will also add invaluable insight to our entire team on all international applicants to law school. Dr. Cramer started his law school career at Indiana University Maurer School of Law and later went to Georgetown Universit

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06 May 2019

Create Your Own Law School Rankings (coming soon)

Good or bad, it seems almost everyone has something to say about law school rankings. One of the primary flaws of rankings, however, is that they dictate what is important by assigning weight to different categories. When algorithms and methodologies behind rankings change, or when new rankings are created, it is often with the purpose of adjusting the importance of the metrics that go into them to make them better or more meaningful to the people who are looking at those rankings. But no matter

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13 Mar 2019

Spivey Consulting Group Statement on College Admissions Scandal

I am writing to address the cheating scandal in undergraduate admissions. At the start of my academic career, I taught business ethics at the University of Alabama. In that course, we spent the vast amount of time talking about different ethical imperatives: what is morally and ethically important to people and to societies and why. But at the end of the class I added one more element: we case studied companies and people who cheated. I wanted students to see that even if they possessed any ince

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01 Dec 2018

New Law School Admissions Advice YouTube Channel!

Big news — we just launched our new Spivey Consulting Group YouTube Channel []. On the channel, we'll be posting videos with all sorts of law school admissions advice on topics like how to choose a personal statement topic, getting off of waitlists, basics of scholarship negotiation, whether you should write a diversity statement, how to ace a law school admissions interview, and more. These videos will come from many of our consultants, fo

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12 Nov 2018

Live Admissions Q&A Nov. 19, and RSVPs for This Cycle and Next

Join us on Monday, November 19, 2018 from 8:00 – 9:30 PM EST for a Live Law School Admissions/LSAT Q&A with Mike Spivey, Karen Buttenbaum, and Derek Meeker of Spivey Consulting, and Dave Killoran and Jon Denning of PowerScore. We will be answering your questions about admissions, strategy, and the application cycle so far! Register at []. Also please note: if you would like to work with us for this cycle or next, RSVP now to our

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31 Oct 2018

Capacity Update, October 31st

With the additions of  Delphine Byrd, Kevin Petty and Laura Wrobel from the admissions offices of  Florida, Chicago and Duke Law Schools (bios here []), we project room in the very near future to take an additional 20-30 clients. Those spots will go quickly, so please contact us at to set up a time to speak with a consultant to see if we can help!

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10 Sep 2018

New Hire(s), Capacity Update and Next (2019/2020)​ Cycle RSVPs

A quick announcement that we have just made a hire for an admissions consultant with top 10 law school admissions experience and expect to make another with T10 experience in the next week or so. More this week on the bio of our new hire and hopefuly a second to come! In respect to capacity, this/these should go a long way toward freeing up our substantial wait list and opening room for availability. Thanks to everyone for bearing with us, as we were deliberate and extremely careful in adding m

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