23 Apr 2020

Deferring in the age of COVID-19

As we look further into the summer and fall at the possible ways our world could change in the face of continued social distancing, we are receiving more and more questions about deferring admission to law school for a year.

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16 Apr 2020

Cycle Data-COVID 19 Edition

We hope everyone is safe and healthy — it's been a crazy couple of months for the world.

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10 Apr 2020

How One University is [Successfully] Communicating to Prospective Applicants in the COVID-19 Era

Schools are going to need to try to get ahead of these obvious questions/concerns of next cycle applicants in their marketing strategies and at the same time be preparing for how they will assess students “differently” due to these many factors.

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08 Apr 2020

Law School/Law School Admissions COVID-19 Update, April 8, 2020

Please keep in mind that because so much is fluid right now, no one can say for certain where things will be in a few months.

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07 Apr 2020
03 Apr 2020

Will Universities, Colleges, and Law School Campuses Be Open in Fall 2020?

The short answer is that there is no definitive answer yet.

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02 Apr 2020

Podcast: How Will Law School Transfer Admissions Be Impacted by COVID-19?

In this podcast, Mike Spivey discusses how COVID-19 and new grading systems will affect law school transfer admissions.

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01 Apr 2020

LSAT score restoration ("zombie scores") numbers

This is a first ever, and we are grateful to LSAC for sharing this data with us.

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29 Mar 2020

I Spent Two Weeks Speaking with College Students: This Is What I Learned

Uncertainty is on just about everyone’s mind. So, what I learned first and foremost is to listen. Because as students talked more — they often either worked out their own uncertainties, or at the very least were better able to understand them.

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28 Mar 2020

When will larger numbers of law school admissions decisions come?

This will be a short but I hope important blog to consider. It's been a notoriously slow admission cycle, and it possibly would have stayed at an equally slow pace until COVID-19 changed things in many dramatic ways.

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