20 Nov 2013

OCT LSAT Data by region

A small glimmer of Oct LSAT Data is out *10/13 change from 10/12 LSAT by region. *** Far West 4,270 -12.8% Great Lakes 3,780 -16.0% Midsouth 4,100 -13.2% Midwest 1,090 -7.6% Mountain West 1,400 -13.1% New England 1,680 -10.9% Northeast 5,000 -9.4% Northwest 700 -4.9% South Central 2,970 -9.5% Southeast 4,050 -12.7% U.S. Regional Total 29,030 -11.9% Canada 3,280 -7.2% **

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28 Aug 2013

Race/Ethnicity 2012/13 Cycle

**Race / Ethnicity                                                                                     ** **#****Pct Chg**Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian7-46.20%American Indian or Alaska Native1,277-6.30%Asian6,124-10.30%Black or African American 8,508-9.10%Canadian Aboriginal4720.50%Caucasian/White38,249-12.50% Hispanic/Latino6,469-7.70%Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander28611.70% Puerto Rican1,8864.50%Not Indicated1,218-40.90%Missing55-53.80%

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27 Aug 2013

More final data from 2012/13 cycle (by region)

ApplicantsApplicationsRegion#Pct Chg#Pct ChgFar West7,830-10.70%57,718-16.20% Great Lakes7,665-14.80%57,842-20.30%Midsouth7,199-13.70%73,129-15.80%Midwest 2,034-10.30%11,004-15.10%Mountain West3,098-13.10%11,812-20.00%New England2,780 -11.90%31,378-15.00%Northeast9,130-15.20%64,939-20.80%Northwest1,473-19.80%9,269 -14.90%South Central6,150-12.00%27,539-15.30%Southeast9,272-8.50%40,728-20.40% Regional Total56,631-12.60%Other*2,795-3.90%Total116,057-12.30%385,358-17.90%

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15 Aug 2013

ABA Applicant Data for 2012/13 cycle

As of 8/8/13 (at this time last year we were 100% complete with data). Female applicants:29,454, down 11.3%Male applicants:29,940, down 13.2% Not indicated:32, down 17.9%*Below shows the high LSAT score of 2013 ABA applicants with the percent**change from last year:***Highest LSAT****Number of Applicants****Pct Chg YTD******< 1405,016-1%140–1446,114-7%145–1499,439-7% 150–15411,430-11%155–15910,920-16%160–1647,913-15%165–1694,967-16%170–1741,995 -25%175–180534-21%

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14 Aug 2013

Early Decision at T14. Is the bump real?

This post, and the one that will follow (on data analysis applying early versus later in the cycle) represent data compiled from Law School Numbers (LSN) and analyzed/regressed/blogged by Daniel Plainview []. This is a work in progress, and the work has graciously been shared to Spivey Consulting by Mr. Plainview. It represents the law schools ranked 1-14 in the most recent USNWR rankings. The data, analysis, and comments all are expressively from Mr. P

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18 Jul 2013

Percent change by LSAT bandwidth 2009/2010 to 2012/13*

Percent change (all decreases) by LSAT bandwidth from the  2009/2010 law school admissions cycle  to 2012/13 law school admissions cycle. This data reflects applicant totals, not total volume (i.e. people who take LSAT but never apply) Highest LSATNumber of ApplicantsPct Chg YTD< 140-20%140–144-24%145–149-30% 150–154-36%155–159-35%160–164-44%165–169-35%170–174-44%175–180-47%The 2012/13 Data is as of 6/28/2013 and a final report has not been released by LSAC.** The final report should not reflec

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16 Jul 2013

Law School 2012/13 Applicant Data

ABA 2013 applicants and applications through 06/28/13 with the percent change from last year (last year at this time data was 98% complete: Currently there is one school with an application volume increase of 40% or more and 38 schools show a volume decrease of 30% or more. Twelve schools show an increase in applications, while 188 show a decline: Increase of 100% or more: 1 Increase of 50% to 99%: - Increase of 40% to 49%: - Increase of 30% to 39%: - Increase of 20% to 29%: - Increase of 10%

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17 Jun 2013

LSAC Data as of 5/31

Currently there is one school with an application volume increase of 40% or more, while 41 schools show a volume decrease of 30% or more. Twelve schools show an increase in applications, while 187 show a decline and 0 shows no change. Highest LSATPct Chg YTD< 140-7.5%140–144-12.7%145–149-11.8%150–154-13.2%155–159 -17.4%160–164-15.8%165–169-16.1%170–174-25.2%175–180-21.8%Get future releases first @

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29 May 2013

LSAT Test Taking Data 2012/13 v. 2011/12

> > Highest LSATPct Chg YTD< 140-7.8%140–144-13.0%145–149-11.7%150–154-13.0%155–159 -17.4%160–164-15.6%165–169-16.1%170–174-25.2%175–180-21.6%

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26 Jan 2013

By Popular Demand: The Entire Major/LSAT List

There was a good deal of interest in the LSAT by undergraduate major list, so I thought I would share it in its entirety.

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