17 Aug 2021

Fall 2021 Law School Medians

If you're here looking for new law school medians, they're in this document!

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02 Jul 2021

August 2021 LSAT + Cycle Data

Registration for the August 2021 LSAT closes today. Right now there are about 33,000 registrants, but we should note that we've been seeing an unusual number of dropouts and/or date switches lately, so that number will probably go down, and perhaps a great deal.

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07 Jun 2021

A Look Into The Most Difficult Law School Admissions Cycle We have Ever Seen

This isn't a full post-mortem on the 2020-2021 application cycle, because it's not over yet. But we're at the point when we can start to get a feeling for what happened this year.

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29 May 2021

Podcast: How Might Over-Enrollment Impact Waitlist Movement?

A very brief podcast on law schools that are over-committed on their seat deposits, and Mike's thoughts on how waitlist movement might go this summer as a result.

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01 May 2021

Brief Application Volume/LSAT Update and a Glimpse at Next Cycle

Now that the 2020-2021 LSAT (note: not admissions) cycle has finished, it's worth looking at some various metrics.

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02 Feb 2021

Brief Cycle Update

Today is coincidentally the last day before January LSAT data comes out, and the day we can see cycle volume through February 1st. We're well into the application cycle now, so let's take a brief look at how things stand.

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01 Jan 2021

2020/2021 Law School Applicant Data Look

Well, it's finally 2021, so we'll take a quick look at how applicant volume shaped up in the 2020 part of the 2020-2021 application cycle.

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18 Dec 2020

2020 ABA 509 Data for All Law Schools

The ABA released the 509 required disclosures for all ABA-approved law schools today, which include a wealth of information about entering class credentials, class sizes, etc.

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02 Dec 2020

12/2 Law School Admissions Cycle Data and Following Up on Projections

Three weeks ago we wrote a blog taking a look at how cycle volume was shaping up and might look for the rest of the year. This is our follow up three weeks later — and it's been an important three weeks.

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10 Nov 2020

2020-2021 LSAT Score Volume Projections as of 11/9

We’re a couple months into the 2020-2021 application cycle, and so far our increase in applicants hasn’t slowed down. If anything, it’s sped up.

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