Early Decision

26 Mar 2024

Which Law Schools have Early Decision/Early Action Transfer Programs?

Here's a list of law schools that have early decision or early action transfer programs.

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20 Sep 2022

Podcast: UVA Law Admissions Dean Natalie Blazer Dives Deep into Law School Admissions

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike interviews Natalie Blazer, who currently serves as the Assistant Dean for Admissions and Chief Admissions Officer at the University of Virginia School of Law.

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15 Aug 2022

Early Decision Deadlines & Information for Every ABA-Accredited Law School (2022-2023 Admissions Cycle)

We compiled early decision information for every ABA-accredited law school, below, including deadlines, notification timelines, and any guaranteed scholarships that may be attached.

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12 Aug 2022

Podcast: Law School Admissions AMA with Mike Spivey & Dave Killoran (Part 1)

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike and Dave answer questions from the Law School Admissions Reddit. This will be a series of two episodes, with Part 2 coming out next week.

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20 Oct 2020

Early Decision Information & Deadlines for Every ABA-Accredited Law School (2020-2021 Cycle)

Please note: While undergraduate admissions programs typically use the term "early decision" to denote binding admission and "early action" to denote non-binding admission, law schools do not use this terminology uniformly, and we have used the terminology each individual school uses below. Programs marked "(Scholarship)" offer guaranteed scholarships with admission through the early decision program in question. Those not marked "Scholarship" do not offer guaranteed scholarships, but applicant

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01 Aug 2020

Admissions Q&A with Mike Spivey

In this video, Spivey Consulting Group founder Mike Spivey answers questions from r/lawschooladmissions on strategies for splitters, international students, non-traditional applicants, reapplicants, and more.

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04 Dec 2018

Why Law Schools Defer Early Decision Applicants to the Regular Decision Pool (and why it isn’t all bad)

First, a quick disclaimer (get used to writing these, future lawyers): when we say “law schools” we do not mean to speak for every single law school. There likely are a few outliers. But at the macro-level, here is what is going on. Most law school Early Decision (ED) programs don’t provide the substantial boost that applicants believe. An analogy I often use is that a Las Vegas casino wouldn’t have a blackjack table that loses money. In blackjack, if a player follows perfect betting strategy,

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03 Sep 2015

To ED or Not to ED?

Early Decision programs are not new, but they have been gaining popularity among both law schools and applicants in recent cycles. We will address the value of such programs momentarily, but first let us define what “Early Decision” really means. An Early Decision program is essentially a contract between an applicant and a school – the only hardline often being that “if admitted, you will immediately withdraw all applications to other law schools to which you have submitted an application” with

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14 Aug 2013

Early Decision at T14. Is the bump real?

This post, and the one that will follow (on data analysis applying early versus later in the cycle) represent data compiled from Law School Numbers (LSN) and analyzed/regressed/blogged by Daniel Plainview [http://admissionsbythenumbers.blogspot.com/]. This is a work in progress, and the work has graciously been shared to Spivey Consulting by Mr. Plainview. It represents the law schools ranked 1-14 in the most recent USNWR rankings. The data, analysis, and comments all are expressively from Mr. P

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