Letters of Recommendation

24 Sep 2022

Podcast: What It's Like Applying to Law School, Part 1

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Anna Hicks-Jaco speaks with an applicant from Reddit! They talk about the LSAT, personal statements, letters of recommendation, resumes, optional essays, and more.

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15 Aug 2022

Podcast: Law School Admissions AMA with Mike Spivey & Dave Killoran (Part 2)

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike and Dave answer more questions from the Law School Admissions Reddit!

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05 Aug 2021

Podcast: Law School Admissions 101

In this podcast, Spivey Consulting COO Anna Hicks goes over the basics of law school admissions for those who are at the beginning of their application process and don't know much about how it works yet.

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28 Apr 2021

Podcast: Cycle Recap, No Rejections in the Hardest Admissions Cycle Ever

In this episode of the Status Check podcast, Mike interviews Reddit user lightningmcboops (who for the purposes of this podcast we're calling "Megan") from the law school admissions subreddit.

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04 Aug 2020

Guide to Completing LSAC Applications

So you’ve worked hard to prepare your materials, and it's time to submit! What's next?

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26 Jun 2019

How to set your letter of recommendation writer up for success

The best recommendations come from people who know you well and can write about your abilities from personal observation.

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19 Feb 2019

Examples of Letters of Recommendation

Below are three sample letters of recommendation, all three for admission consideration (both college and law school). Sample 1 is for a family friend for undergraduate college admissions. Sample 2 is for a former student for law school admissions. Sample 3 is for a current student for law school transfer admissions.

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30 Nov 2015

The Curious Reality of Letters of Recommendation

I'm going to share in this blog an admissions truth that you've probably never heard before and that might sound counterintuitive to you: Letters of Recommendation don't particularly help. Sounds odd, right? Why would all law schools ask for them if they don’t? And why wouldn’t they help – after all they are about the only part of the application that isn’t either coming directly from you (e.g. application, essays, interview, etc.) or a direct result of your performance and track record (e.g.

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