23 Mar 2015

"The trouble is you think you have time" –Buddha

Spring is a tough time to motivate — especially when you are in college. Your friends are outside, or road-tripping, or basically doing anything but studying for the June LSAT… or trying to get their GPA up ever so slightly to raise the bar above a median. You, on the other-hand, need to find the darkest, deepest, windowless library corner and dig in. I’m thinking about you and want to help. Indeed, I want to help both of us. Let me explain. In two months and two days I will be running a 10K, t

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07 Feb 2015

"Help, I failed the LSAT!" Feb. Edition

Amazingly, I have heard those exact lines before. Many times. I’ve also heard thousands of times, “I way underperformed, I am doomed.” Indeed, we will hear  from about 50 people in the next 2 days who think just that. There are hundreds more out there who think the same right now. For so many reasons, you can’t fail the LSAT. And because I have seen the following scenario unfold so many times, I wanted to give some facts. Not an overblown peep talk or a feel good story. Just a few basic facts.

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01 Oct 2013

LSAT: I came, I saw, I conquered

If you are reading this, there is strong likelihood that in a matter of a few days you will be making the LSAC sponsored, law school endorsed, ABA required quarterly pilgrimage to one of the many hundreds of  testing centers to take the LSAT. If that alone doesn’t sound intimidating, LSAC  and USNWR certainly makes it so.  Bring this, not that. Wear this, and not that (does anyone know if the guy in the Spider Man suit was allowed to take the June test?) The NSA would pretty much not be able to

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17 Jan 2013

Focus. Why it matters so much and how you get it

Watching the National Championship college football game last week, you heard the same thing about Saban (with about the level of repetitiousness that Brett Musberger used the word “Honeybadger” in last year’s tilt) time and time again. Saban is focused. If you read about the workplace legacy of Steve Jobs, this exact trait sits at the forefront. Jobs asked his employees to be focused. This trait rings true for almost all highly successful people–they have the ability to stay on focus. But what

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