06 May 2022

ABA Strategic Review Committee Recommends Elimination of Standardized Test Requirement

Yesterday, the ABA publicly released an April 25 memo recommending the elimination of the standardized test requirement for admission to law school.

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19 Apr 2022

Podcast: Predicting the Rest of This Cycle & Next Cycle with PowerScore's Dave Killoran

In this episode, Mike gets together with PowerScore CEO and LSAT expert Dave Killoran to discuss the closing months of this current 2021-2022 cycle, early indicators and predictions for next cycle 2022-2023, and the development of the LSAT over time.

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13 Nov 2020

LSAC Statement on LSAT-Flex

Please note this comes directly from LSAC, not our firm.

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05 Jun 2020

Podcast: Harvard Law Goes Fully Remote for Fall 2020. Will Other Law Schools Follow Suit and What It Means for Applicants

In this podcast, Spivey Consulting Group founder Mike Spivey discusses Harvard Law School's recent announcement that all classes will be held fully remotely for Fall 2020 — what does it mean for other law schools, for international students, the ABA, and current applicants?

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08 Apr 2020

Law School/Law School Admissions COVID-19 Update, April 8, 2020

Please keep in mind that because so much is fluid right now, no one can say for certain where things will be in a few months.

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07 Apr 2020
03 Apr 2020

Will Universities, Colleges, and Law School Campuses Be Open in Fall 2020?

The short answer is that there is no definitive answer yet.

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01 Apr 2020

LSAT score restoration ("zombie scores") numbers

This is a first ever, and we are grateful to LSAC for sharing this data with us.

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27 Mar 2020
18 Mar 2020

Podcast: Update on COVID-19 / Coronavirus & Law School Admissions

Just a quick update from Mike Spivey on how the continuously developing situation with COVID-19 / coronavirus is impacting — and will continue to impact — law school admissions.

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