13 Dec 2019

Statement on USNWR Law School Rankings

For the past 7 years, we have been fortunate to have received a copy of the law school rankings before they have been released, and we have provided that copy to the public.

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13 Dec 2019

Entering Class Data for Every ABA Law School

The link to all of the entering class data for every ABA-approved law school from the official 509 reports is here.

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22 Jun 2019

LSAC Updates

NAPLA Conference LSAC Slide Show A member of Spivey Consulting was in attendance at the Northeast Association of Pre Law Advisers conference these past few days. LSAC presented updates, and we have pictures of the slides to share, as well as other comments they made. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes and Takeaways July Test * They mentioned that 28,000+ registered for July, which was welcome since they were hoping for a large pool t

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17 Jun 2019

LSAT Retake Rules and You

The New Rules As was initially reported, LSAC is updating their policy on LSAT retakes, to take effect starting with the September 2019 administration. You can read the full policy here [] , but we'll summari

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06 May 2019

Create Your Own Law School Rankings (coming soon)

Good or bad, it seems almost everyone has something to say about law school rankings. One of the primary flaws of rankings, however, is that they dictate what is important by assigning weight to different categories. When algorithms and methodologies behind rankings change, or when new rankings are created, it is often with the purpose of adjusting the importance of the metrics that go into them to make them better or more meaningful to the people who are looking at those rankings. But no matter

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28 Jan 2019

2018/2019 Midpoint Cycle Update

We are about 50% through the cycle, and I wanted to share some observations, data, and then remaining predictions with everyone. Much of the data can be found here [] , and, for the first time ever, is publicly available and updated daily by LSAC. A deep-dive analysis is also done weekly by our intern on his blog weekly blog here [

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25 May 2018

Free LSAT Prep versus amped up Professional Help.

Here is our take, with some other experts in the field. For what it is worth, I believe we are the only ones interviewed with no stake in the matter, so we were as objective as we could possibly be about the new debate. Free LSAT Help versus Paid Assistance []

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13 May 2018

ABA On Track To Drop LSAT Requirement: What Happens Now

This article was co-written with Dave Killoran and Mike Spivey of PowerScore [] and Spivey Consulting, respectively. What Happened? On Friday, May 11, 2018, an ABA council approved a proposal that formally removes the requirement that the LSAT be used for admissions purposes [] at every ABA-approved law school. In its place is broader language that allows sch

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15 Jan 2018

Brief cycle update as of 1/15

This was from today's one-hour Spivey Consulting internal conference call where most of our admissions team shared observations from speaking with hundreds of applicants on a daily basis and admissions deans each week. Thought I'd share a bit of it and hope it helps! * Top schools are maybe seeing even bigger increases in apps, from what we're hearing * As a result, decisions are coming out much more slowly compared to past years, particularly at the top 7 or so schools * E.g. right no

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22 Dec 2017

About this super early December 2017 test score release...

Just a quick FYI, because as this is the earliest LSAC has released test scores in 9 years, there is a bit of mystery as to what it means. Surprisingly, it actually very likely means nothing is different for the vast majority of schools as far as timelines are concerned. Here's why. Most (or almost all maybe) admissions offices at law schools close after today and until Jan. 2nd. They high likely won't get YOUR December scores today when you get them (although some will try -- indeed my friend

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