12 May 2022

Podcast: On Rejection in Admissions

This is a brief podcast on being denied from law school.

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19 Apr 2022

Podcast: Predicting the Rest of This Cycle & Next Cycle with PowerScore's Dave Killoran

In this episode, Mike gets together with PowerScore CEO and LSAT expert Dave Killoran to discuss the closing months of this current 2021-2022 cycle, early indicators and predictions for next cycle 2022-2023, and the development of the LSAT over time.

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29 Mar 2022

Podcast: Thoughts on the 2023 (2022) USNWR Law School Rankings

In this episode, Mike discusses the recently released 2023 edition (2022 release) U.S. News & World Report law school rankings. You can view the full rankings (including +/- from last year) in our previous blog post.

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21 Mar 2022

Podcast: Dr. Jud Brewer on the Highly Effective Way to Overcome Anxiety

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Judson Brewer about proven, concrete strategies to manage anxiety, including how to apply them for LSAT-related test anxiety and the stress of waiting for admissions results.

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08 Mar 2022

Podcast: No Admits to Six Admits (Law School Applicant Diaries #3)

In this episode, Mike speaks again with "Barb," an applicant this 2021-2022 cycle with a ~177 LSAT, a ~3.3 GPA, and ten years of work experience.

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24 Feb 2022

How the Russian Invasion of Ukraine May Impact Law School/Legal Employment

We have been asked multiple times in the last 24 hours about how the recent Russian invasion into Ukraine may impact law school, admissions, and legal employment, so we wanted to post this brief, unedited podcast addressing those questions.

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05 Feb 2022

Podcast: Strong Applicant. No Admits. What’s Going On?

In this episode, Mike speaks with an applicant from Reddit who we'll call "Ryan Reynolds" (you know, just for fun). Ryan has a 178 and a 3.8, and while he blanketed the top 20 law schools, he has received only waitlists and denials so far this cycle despite having applied early on.

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31 Jan 2022

Podcast: Catching Up With a Stanford 1L

In this episode, Mike and one of our Spivey consultants Karen Buttenbaum catch up with u/lightningmcboops, one of r/lawschoolsadmissions' regular posters from last cycle, who went through the most difficult cycle we have ever seen without receiving a single rejection.

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29 Jan 2022

Upcoming Podcasts

We have five upcoming podcasts we are excited about, and we hope you will be too!

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22 Dec 2021

Podcast: Diary of a Law School Applicant's Cycle Episode 2 (The Waiting)

In this episode, we continue our interview series with "Barb," a current applicant.

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