22 Aug 2022

Greek Life & Law School Admissions: Should You Include Your Sorority/Fraternity in Your Application?

We often hear from applicants who feel they should scrub their resumes and other materials of any mention of their involvement in fraternities or sororities. While some applicants in online forums seem to support this prohibition, the best approach for you individually might be more nuanced.

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28 Apr 2021

Podcast: Cycle Recap, No Rejections in the Hardest Admissions Cycle Ever

In this episode of the Status Check podcast, Mike interviews Reddit user lightningmcboops (who for the purposes of this podcast we're calling "Megan") from the law school admissions subreddit.

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14 Jun 2019

Sample Resume

Below is an example of a well-executed resume — it is our COO's and while it has been updated since law school and can be used as a professional example, it also does include certain components that are strategically advantgeous for law school admissions. Anna was admitted to numerous top 10 law schools ands received a full tuition + merit scholarship at UVa Law School, before we lured her away full-time to Spivey Consulting.

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01 Dec 2018

New Law School Admissions Advice YouTube Channel!

Big news — we just launched our new Spivey Consulting Group YouTube Channel []. On the channel, we'll be posting videos with all sorts of law school admissions advice on topics like how to choose a personal statement topic, getting off of waitlists, basics of scholarship negotiation, whether you should write a diversity statement, how to ace a law school admissions interview, and more. These videos will come from many of our consultants, fo

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09 Feb 2017

Spivey Consulting in USNWR on a successful Harvard Law resume

Hi Mr. Spivey, I wanted to thank your for your review of my resume in yesterday’s U.S. News & World Report article on law school resumes [] . Surely, my success is due in-part to your willingness to support prospective applicants via your guidance on the Top Law Schools forums. I do not believe I would have applied to Harvard without the encouragement I felt from readin

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27 Apr 2016

Applicant Questions Answered: "Is there an increasing premium on work experience in admissions? "

The full questions reads Is there an increasing premium on work experience in admissions? It seems seems like people going straight in from college have had rough admissions cycles, even with great numbers Yes, for many schools, and not surprising at all. For starters, deans of law schools have increasingly been asking their admissions offices to look at employability and maturity in admission decision-making. And this is an "up" cycle -- the first in a good while. So there are some schools who

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06 Aug 2014

Debunking The 1-Page Law School Resume Myth

Let’s put an end to a false piece of advice that we recently saw on the internet — and more worrisome, that people give mixed messages on every year — about law school résumés. I won’t link the article because we are not writing this to personally call someone out, but it is written by someone who tutors for the LSAT. I imagine they are a wonderful LSAT tutor. The advice however, is about law school admissions, and is stated in such strong language it sounds like a near absolute. Thus, it is not

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