21 Jun 2018

Two Voicemail Testimonials

No. 1, from a parent No. 2, from a happy applicant and client

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10 Apr 2018

Reapplicant Success Story

Please note that before reapplying you should have us assess all of your individual dynamics. Some applicants should not reapply as it's hard to predict overall applicants pool and individual school applicants pools. Each specific case is different. That said, this client sent us a wonderful testimonial and applied in a much more difficult cycle with notably better results. If you are thinking about reapplying, we'd be happy to talk through with you all of the the considerations. "As a re-appl

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20 Dec 2017

Testimonial 12.20.17

My entire experience with Spivey Consulting was nothing short of exceptional. After reaching out to a variety of law school application consulting services to get quotes, I was told by Mike Spivey that he would lock in his initial rate, as a thank you for contacting early. This great first impression, combined with a fantastic rate, set the tone for my entire relationship with Spivey Consulting. While working together on my application, Mike and I exchanged over 100 emails, discussing everyth

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12 Jul 2016

A Personal Statement Thought & Testimonial

We get a good deal of unsolicited testimonials, and every so rarely we throw one up on our website to share :) Here's one below, especially noting the Personal Statement part. Nine out of every ten personal statements follows a typical pattern that is based on bad advice that has persisted online -- and does nothing for the application. Believe it or not, the target audience of your PS is YOU, not an unnamed admissions committee that doesn't even exist (applications are not reviewed by committe

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16 May 2016

Sharing a testimonial

*We get a number of these -- in fact we have received well over 100 without soliciting any. While we don't share every one, a few we have placed on our homepage, on the "getting started" page, and via our blog. Thinking about using consulting services for this upcoming cycle? Take a quick peek, these are not our words but we do try to live by them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think the most critical component of a law school application i

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20 Aug 2015

Have Spivey Consulting Speak at Your Campus!

Want Spivey Consulting to share law school admissions secrets directly to you and your pre-law classmates this Spring? Karen, Derek, and Mike have spoken at over a hundred colleges and universities, including… Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Cornell, Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Rice, SMU, UT-Dallas, SMU, Johns Hopkins, Penn, Columbia, NYU, Georgetown, Maryland and many more! …and we would love to come see/revisit your school. How will the talk go? Testimonial 1 from Rice: “Mike and

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10 Aug 2015

You Can Reserve Pre-L Courses for this 2016 Now!

Last year we almost immediately filled up our one-on-one Pre-Law courses [http://spiveyconsulting.com/services/pre-l], which help 0Ls get a jump-start on the all important 1L year. Don’t wait until they are full, you can reserve your spot now by emailing Rob Cacace at rob@spiveyconsulting.com. Need more encouragement? We just got the below: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Mike, ***Just wanted to follow up with everything, only 2 weeks left u

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10 Feb 2015

How you approach your law school application can also help you get a 1L job!

A brief snippet from two very happy and endearing emails I received. Tell a story, not just now, but in your interviews! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On 19 January 2015 at 10:01 Hi Mike! I just wanted to give you an update on how first semester went: I just had callbacks with Cooley for a 1L SA position, and Munger, Skadden, and Wilson Sonsini just requested my grades. I have to thank you again because a lot of the materials we prepared f

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07 Jan 2015

Not breaking data but can't help but share....

"Just got the call and I'm in at NYU! Could not have done it without your continued help Mike – I was so unsure about NYU because of my score but I think my polished app was enough to put me over the edge. Very very happy right now." –Soon to be NYU Law Student We’ll try to keep the data coming more than the shared kind words, but every once in a while it’s hard not to be overly happy.

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24 Sep 2013

Testimonial - Stanford University

“Mr. Spivey visited us at Stanford University to give a talk about the law school application process. As chair of the Stanford Native American Pre-Law group, I have hosted a number of speakers and admissions officers, and Mr. Spivey’s speech stands out as one of the most interesting and useful talks I have attended. He combines his university insider perspective with his admissions consultant experience, striking a balance that is hard to find. The information he presented was invaluable and I

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