The Top 15 Characteristics of Applicants Who Have Admissions Success Beyond Their Numbers

  1. They stay positive and engaged for the entire admissions cycle.
  2. They pay attention to every little detail of their application.
  3. They are genuine and write from the heart.
  4. They are self-aware.
  5. They are actively involved with things that are important to them outside of the application process.
  6. They have a very clear reason why they are applying to law school and they can articulate verbally and in writing.
  7. They are adaptable.
  8. They utilize every opportunity to learn.
  9. They are open to advice and constructive criticism.
  10. They are gracious and thankful.
  11. They show (appropriate) persistence.
  12. They display the ability to lead as well as to follow.
  13. They show they can see things from different perspectives.
  14. They don’t treat rejection (or a low LSAT) as failure; they have the ability to learn and  move on.
  15. Their personality/positive characteristics (and that they can contribute positively to the classroom/community) come through in the application.