When do applications open, schools ranked 51-100

We made a calendar for these but as almost all open on one of two dates, so the calendar didn’t really help much. Here they are listed, which hopefully will make it easier to find your school. We will fill in the dates on the “unsure” schools once we have them.

July 1: Baylor

August 1: U Tulsa

September 1: U Richmond, U Nebraska–Lincoln, U Kentucky, U Oklahoma, U
Miami, U Denver, Case Western, U Missouri–Columbia, U Kansas, Cardozo,
American, U Tennessee–Knoxville, U Cincinnati, U San Diego, U Pitt,
Brooklyn, WVU, IU–McKinney, Marquette, Northeastern, St. Louis U

October 1: Penn State, U Houston, Georgia State,UC Hastings, Loyola
Chicago, Lewis & Clark, UNLV, Loyola (LA), Michigan State, Seattle U,
U Louisville, Villanova, Stetson, Florida Int’l

Currently unsure: U Conn (some time in September), Temple (late
September), Seton Hall (early September), Rutgers–Camden (mid-late
October), Rutgers–Newark (late September to early October), U South
Carolina (some time in September), U Buffalo (early September), LSU
(late September)