24 Sep 2018

Spivey Consulting Group's 17 Best College Campuses

Methodology: The Spivey consultants voted on their favorite, most beautiful college campuses that they've visited (and we have visited hundreds upon hundreds cumulatively in our careers), and these are the top 17.  How did we pick 17? It was the cut-off point where each school had been voted on by at least two of us. You may think that there are some blatant, egregious exclusions, and that's probably true—there are so many beautiful colleges and universities, one of the best parts of admissions

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07 Jun 2018
19 Mar 2018

In Photos: Law School Accepted Students Weekends

These are just a few photos that we received of this year's 2018 Accepted Students Weekends. Please email us any others you may have to, and we will add them to this post! University of Florida Levin College of Law [] University of Michigan [] University of Virginia [] Timelapse Video: Eager to get to ASD! The road to UVA Law: [

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21 Apr 2016

Viewbooks of 165 Law Schools

Updated 6/3/17 Yale University (CT) [] Harvard University (MA) [] Stanford University (CA) [] University of Chicago [] Columbia University (NY) [] New York Uni

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