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11 Jul 2023

Podcast: Dean Z on the Future of Law School Admissions + Other Admissions Questions (Part 2)

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike continues his conversation with Dean Sarah Zearfoss (also known as "Dean Z").

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06 Jul 2023

Why We Dedicate One In Every Four Podcasts To Mental Health

I mentioned something on a recent admissions podcast with Dean Z from Michigan Law School that I thought, even while saying it, was important enough to follow up on.

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01 Jul 2023

Podcast: What the SCOTUS Admissions Decision Means for Law School Applicants

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike discusses the recent Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard Supreme Court decision—which ruled against the legality of race-conscious admissions or "affirmative action"—and what it means for law school applicants, particularly applicants of color.

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29 Jun 2023

Spivey Consulting Group Statement on Supreme Court Race-Conscious Admissions Decision

At Spivey Consulting Group, we believe that diversity, in all of its forms, provides an inherent value in both the individual and collective experiences of who we are, where we come from, how we got here, and how this has affected our places in the world—this will always be relevant.

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26 Jun 2023

Podcast: Dean Z on Underrated/Overrated Law School Admissions Advice + Answering Reddit Questions (Part 1)

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike has a conversation with Dean Sarah Zearfoss (also known as "Dean Z").

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02 Jun 2023

Podcast: What It's Like Applying to Law School, Part 3 (Final Decisions & Choosing a Law School)

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, we wrap up our ongoing conversation with "Lucy," a 2022-2023 law school applicant.

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30 May 2023

How to Assess Law Schools' Student Affairs (or, "But How Will I Like It Once I'm There?")

For many, now is the time for the hard part: deciding which law school is right for you. In this post, we discuss one aspect of the complex law school enrollment equation as you dig into the qualities of a law school that make it your best fit—Student Affairs.

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25 May 2023

Pro Bono Law School Admissions Consulting Opportunity 2023-2024

Spivey Consulting Group fully supports equitable access and diverse representation in legal education. We are excited to announce that, as part of this ongoing commitment, Spivey Consulting Group is launching its third year of our formal Pro-Bono Consulting Program!

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23 May 2023

Podcast: The New Rankings & The Future of Law School Admissions/Legal Education

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike talks about the new 2023-2024 U.S. News law school rankings (full +/- list here), the changes in methodology that they made, and whether and how this year's rankings events will impact law school admissions and legal education moving forward.

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11 May 2023
11 May 2023

2023-24 U.S. News Law School Rankings: This Year vs. Last Year (+/-)

After a long, winding, grueling path to get here, we finally have the 2023-2024 U.S. News & World Report law school rankings. Here are the new rankings with +/-.

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08 May 2023

U.S. News Rankings & the First Amendment: Bad Legal Takes and Shooting Themselves in the Foot

U.S. News' CEO Eric Gertler was part of a panel at Lafayette College on May 2nd. This blog focuses on what Mr. Gertler said about the U.S. News rankings—specifically, their relationship to the First Amendment and freedom of speech.

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28 Apr 2023

Podcast: "Everything"

In this short episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike talks about the widespread notion that, even beyond whatever specific and concrete challenges we each may be facing, there is an added factor of "everything" (in today's society, in life) that can sometimes feel crushing.

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26 Apr 2023

Podcast: Dr. Guy Winch on Handling Rejection (& Waiting) in Admissions (Re-Release)

This week, we're re-releasing a 2021 episode of Status Check with Spivey that is more relevant to our listeners than ever—our interview with Dr. Guy Winch.

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17 Apr 2023

What's Going On with the U.S. News Rankings Delay?

Just as the most tumultuous rankings season we have ever seen seemed to be settling, and U.S. News had both publicly released their top 14 law schools and the full embargoed rankings to all law schools, the following email was sent to deans.

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17 Apr 2023

Podcast: Interview with a Harvard Law Transfer Student

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Spivey Consulting's Derek Meeker interviews a Harvard Law 2L (and former client) who transferred from the University of Idaho.

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12 Apr 2023

U.S. News Significantly Reduces the Weight of LSAT/GRE & GPA. What's Next?

A few months ago, many law schools announced they would boycott sending U.S. News direct (and non-third party audited) data, essentially forcing U.S. News to change their methodology. The rates of the admissions metrics were significantly reduced. What does this mean?

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11 Apr 2023

2023-2024 U.S. News Law School Rankings T14

U.S. News has yet to publicly release the full 2023-2024 law school rankings, but today they released the Top 14 with their new methodology.

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07 Apr 2023

Two Podcasts! How to Get a Job Out of Law School + Legal Hiring Tips from an Expert

Two episodes of Status Check with Spivey! In the first, Mike offers advice for getting a job out of law school from his time as a Dean of Career Services during the great recession. In the second, he interviews a top legal recruiter, Kate Reder Sheikh.

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27 Mar 2023

How to Ask for a Seat Deposit Deadline Extension

In this post, our consultant Joe Pollak offers some advice on how to ask for an extension on your seat deposit deadline if you need more time to decide.

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