13 Apr 2018

Predicting the 2018/2019 Law School Admissions Cycle

1 — The "bump" this year looks more like an outlier than a trend, especially at the top. For starters, it has followed seven years of down cycles — so the macro trend is still down. How down? The 56,900 CAS registrations this year are almost 30,000 fewer than the high water mark in 2009-2010, and CAS was only first introduced by LSAC in 2009-2010. Additionally, when the cycle started, applications were up 17.1% and applicants were up 14.2%, and now they are down to 8.5% in applicants and 9.2%

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21 Mar 2018

Law Schools Ranked by Acceptance Rate

1 Yale University (CT) — 8% 2 Stanford University (CA) — 10% 3 Harvard University (MA) — 16% 4 University of Pennsylvania — 18% 5 University of Virginia — 18% 6 Columbia University (NY) — 20% 7 University of Chicago (IL) — 21% 8 University of Michigan--Ann Arbor — 22% 9 Cornell University (NY) — 22% 10 University of California--Berkeley — 23% 11 Duke University (NC) — 23% 12 Northwestern University (Pritzker) (IL) — 24% 13 University of Southern California (Gould) — 24% 14 University of Texas--A

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21 Mar 2018

The Single Biggest Administrative Mistake Law Schools Are Making

Much has been said about the training of law students. Indeed, while it may seem like a recent discussion, this discussion on how best to prepare law students for their legal careers appears in the very first of law review articles. Should they be deeply immersed in theoretical underpinning of the law (a conscious decision made by the early law schools), enrolled in experiential apprenticeship type training (buzz words we often see today), or a combination of the two? If a combination, how shoul

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10 Mar 2018

There are no "shoulds"

By Anne Dutia, Senior Consultant at The Spivey Consulting Group When I was a prelaw advisor, and before that an admissions officer at Michigan Law School, I encountered so many students asking me what they should do to get into law school. Of course, there are certain procedures and processes applicants have to follow to be admitted to law school, but these students were looking for the right way to be a pre-law student or applicant. A lot of them were still stuck in the college application men

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13 Feb 2018

It's a tough cycle. Here's what you can do about it.

1. Do not obsesses over any one school. This cycle, probably more than any other, I have heard "I want X Law School by far — there isn't really any other school that's close." Often when I follow-up with a simple "why is that?" there isn't really a concrete answer. "For whatever reason when I think about UVa I just can't get it out of my mind," or something along those lines. We (Spivey Consulting) have already seen applicants denied by T14's and yet admitted by T3's. Point being, there are so

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08 Feb 2018
21 Jan 2018

A parable on being both an Admissions Dean and Pre-Law Advisor

By Nikki Laubenstein, Senior Consultant at The Spivey Consulting Group When my daughter was little and she asked what I did for my job, I told her that I let students into law school. To which she responded, “Oh, so you open the door for them?” I of course thought about it and said that was exactly what I did! As an assistant dean of admissions, I enjoyed that my job involved opening doors to student’s law school dreams and helping them to discover their passion for studying law. This work, how

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15 Jan 2018

Brief cycle update as of 1/15

This was from today's one-hour Spivey Consulting internal conference call where most of our admissions team shared observations from speaking with hundreds of applicants on a daily basis and admissions deans each week. Thought I'd share a bit of it and hope it helps! * Top schools are maybe seeing even bigger increases in apps, from what we're hearing * As a result, decisions are coming out much more slowly compared to past years, particularly at the top 7 or so schools * E.g. right no

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14 Jan 2018

An Actual Law School Application

Below is what a completely filled out law school applications looks like. And it is a great one — this person received multiple scholarship offers from elite schools and attended law school on a full ride. Please note that anything identifiable has obviously been changed and also note that it would be a very bad idea to copy any part of these essays and use for your own :) That said, I believe this is the first time anything like this has been posted online and we hope it can be both helpful an

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02 Jan 2018

Just What Can We Learn From

This is a great guest blog post from Warren Buff, who took it upon himself to crunch the numbers and look at the data behind Law School Numbers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like many law school applicants, one of the first resources I found when I began my quest for admission was Law School Numbers [] ("LSN"). I pored over their scatter charts trying to discern which schools would be open to me and what kind of LSAT

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