07 Mar 2018

New 2017-2018 Cycle Data as of 3/6/18

As of 3/6/18, there are 306,549 applications submitted by 46,124 applicants for the 2017–2018 cycle. Applicants are up 7.4% and applications are up 7.0% as compared to 2016-2017 cycle data from 3/7/17. Highest LSAT# Applicants% Change YTD< 1402,468-3.7%140-1443,540-5.6%145-1496,376 0.6%150-1548,5773.1%155-1598,6854.6%160-1647,46614.2%165-1694,84827.5%170-174 2,29415.3%175-18066867.4%Highest LSAT# Applicants% Change YTD< 1402,468-3.7%140 551-11.1%1416517.4%142741-7.7%143711-1.0%144886-11.8%1451,

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12 Feb 2018

Law School Forums

Just a bit of a repeat of our last message, that the last six years we have been fortunate to receive and publish exclusive data for law school applicants. You can find us generally linking data like the below at two forums: LawSchool.Life [] and the Law School Admissions Subreddit []. But as we may not always be able to be as prompt on boards, you can also always get immediate data and rankings releases at our Twitter [http

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26 Jan 2018
22 Jan 2018

2017/2018 Cycle Data as of Jan. 12, 2018

Key figures: applicants are up 10.8% and applications are up 12.3% as compared to this time last year. See below for more detailed data. Highest LSAT# Applicants% Change YTD< 1401,290-2.3%140-1441,766-5.0%145-1493,082 6.5%150-1544,43110.1%155-1594,6687.0%160-1644,64513.0%165-1693,51930.7%170-174 1,84315.8%175-18055872.8%Highest LSAT# Applicants% Change YTD< 1401,290-2.3%140 263-15.4%14134030.8%142369-18.5%1433455.8%144449-11.8%14562310.9%146438-4.8%147 60116.0%1487406.3%1496803.2%150690-13.1%15

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08 Jan 2018

2017/2018 Cycle Data as of 12/29/17

Applicants to ABA approved law schools are up 14.4% year-to-date, with a total of 22,200 applicants vs. last year's 19,400 by 12/29/17. Applications are up 17.1% year-to-date, with a total of 137,000 applications vs. last year's 117,000. The rest of the data we have is below: % Change in applications# SchoolsIncrease of 100% or more1Increase of 50% to 99% 9Increase of 40% to 49%9Increase of 30% to 39%17Increase of 20% to 29%39Increase of 10% to 19%58Increase of 1% to 9%36No change1Decrease of

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02 Jan 2018

Just What Can We Learn From

This is a great guest blog post from Warren Buff, who took it upon himself to crunch the numbers and look at the data behind Law School Numbers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like many law school applicants, one of the first resources I found when I began my quest for admission was Law School Numbers [] ("LSN"). I pored over their scatter charts trying to discern which schools would be open to me and what kind of LSAT

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08 Dec 2017

How Competitive?

In case you haven't seen it yet, the first volume report [] for this (2017/2018) admissions cycle is out, and the numbers are almost categorically up. The fact that applications are up doesn't come as much as a surprise. We've had hard data on test-takers and forum attendance for a while now, and as far back as June we started having an inkling [] that apps and apps at th

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06 Dec 2017

2017/2018 Cycle Data as of 11/24/2017 + LSAT Administrations and Law School Forum Attendance

As of 11/24/17 (data released now but the volumes are from that date), there are 81,877 applications submitted by 15,083 applicants for the 2017–2018 cycle. Applicants are up 14.2% and applications are up 17.1% from 2016–2017. Last year at this time, we had 24% of the preliminary final applicant count. LSAT Administrations LSAT Administration# Test Takers% ChangeJune 201727,606+19.8%September 2017 37,146+10.7%December 2017*45,632+26.4%*December # indicates LSAT registrants as of 12/1.______ **

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26 Jul 2017

June 2017 LSAT takers are up — plus, new LSAT dates and Washington, D.C. forum attendance data

Some 2017/2018 early data and 2018/2019 new LSAT test dates. June 2017 LSAT takers are up by 19.8% or 4,555 takers for a total of 27,606 LSATs administered. This is the biggest increase in 8 years. Numbers are also up for attendance at the Washington, D.C. LSAC forum with a total of 853 attendants, up 23.4% from last year's forum. Additionally, the rate of attendance from registrants increased from last year -- a greater percentage that registered showed up. We also have the dates for the LSA

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24 Jul 2017

About to Start Law School?

Over the years, we’ve gotten to know a lot of law school “OLs,” not just as former admissions officers or current clients but also through speaking at colleges, attending conferences, and in many other places. This is one of the best parts of our jobs -- we learn about and from brilliant people who have the worthiest of aspirations. We also get to know their fears and anxieties — of which no other is more prominent right now than starting law school. Law school, you are about to find out if you

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