06 Aug 2019

4 Truths about On-Campus Interviews ("OCI") that Law School Applicants Should Know

Every year at the end of the summer, law schools invite law firms to their campuses to interview students for jobs.

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29 Mar 2019

How to choose between a higher ranked school at sticker price and a lower ranked school with a scholarship

Introduction We were asked to write about choosing between a T14 school at sticker (full tuition) versus a T20 to T30 school with merit aid. The below constitutes our best stab at that, but please keep in mind that, as always, these are arbitrary cutoff points based on one flawed rankings system and not designed for you as an individual. Point being that a school ranked 18 may be much more valuable to you for any number of reasons that a school ranked 13, etc. If you want to read or watch more

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19 Jun 2018

The Top Two Traits of Leadership

If you can be good at one thing, you can be good at anything. Leadership has always fascinated me (in fact much of my doctoral program work in Higher Education Leadership was on just that) — but more precisely — people who always seem to successfully lead organizations and teams are the most intriguing, and for obvious and self-serving reasons — I'd like to emulate them. That number of "successful at whatever they do" leaders, however, gets surprisingly low very quickly. There are many people

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16 Jul 2015

33 Things That Annoy Admissions Officers and Hiring Partners

(Updated 5/26/2017) We've reached out (three times now!) to a number of friends at law schools and at firms and companies to see what things applicants did that made them grouchy (pro tip — it isn’t in your best interest to make them grouchy!). This is what we got; not surprisingly, a good deal of the items mentioned are related to emails. Law School Admissions/Employment Pet Peeves 1. When they launch into a sales presentation about themselves the moment we meet. -CEO of Company

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16 May 2015

Time off before law school? Gap year? What should I do?

Thinking About Work Experience Before Law School? There are more payoffs than the paycheck! For over a decade, I have been giving advice about taking time off before going to law school: If there is nothing else on the planet that you’d rather do than go to law school, then you can just go straight through from college. But it is important that this is an informed and conscious decision to go to law school straight out of college, and not a result of tunnel vision. Many students are so focused

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11 Apr 2015

Summering this Summer Part II

The Quest for the Golden Ring – Advice for Summer Law Clerks, Part 2 of 2 Guest post by Jay Price This is a continuation of my earlier blog [https://blog.spiveyconsulting.com/summering-this-summer/] with advice for incoming summer clerk classes. Start dates are around the corner. A handful of additional tips: * Don’t Complain. You can’t always pick every project or partner you work for. Take advantage of opportunities to learn about all practice areas and don’t complain about or turn do

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05 Apr 2015

Summering this Summer?

Here is some more advice from Hiring Partner/Committee Member Jay Price. More advice, don’t use the same word twice in one 3 word sentence. The Quest for the Golden Ring – Advice for Summer Law Clerks, Part 1 of 2 Guest post by Jay Price My earlier blog entitled The Biglaw Devil Wears Brooks Brothers/Ann Taylor focused mainly on the importance of summers getting along with others, not taking anything for granted and being team players. With summer approaching, here are some additional tips. W

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14 Mar 2015

The New Third Year of Law School

This is the second in a series of posts by law firm partner/former hiring partner Jay Price. The New Third Year of Law School. By Jay Price I’m sure you’ve heard the old law school saying — scare you to death as a 1L, work you to death as a 2L and bore you to death as a 3L. The constants: first year can be like the Hunger Games minus the comforting song of the mockingjay; second year adds more class material, interviewing and law journals. That said, I believe third year has or should be chang

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06 Mar 2015

The Biglaw Devil Wears Brooks Brothers/Ann Taylor (Summer Clerking Advice from a Hiring Partner)

The Biglaw Devil Wears Brooks Brothers/Ann Taylor by Jay Price Whether your Spring Break entails relaxing on a beach or pounding energy drinks in your snow-encased apartment for lonely outlining sessions (after all, law school gunners know how to party too), finals will soon be over and then we can get down to business – summer at a law firm. The food, the drinks, the all night raves in hiring partners’ basements. Wait, that was before 2008. Well, there is still the food and the “can I eat that

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30 Nov 2013

Generation Neurotic

Every generation, it seems, gets a label. It’s what older, grouchier people like to do — label those younger than themselves as worse at something than they are. And it makes life more simple. For my generation, "Generation X",  we were dubbed “lackluster.”  We lacked passion and focus. To a great extent, I believe that was accurate. When I was 20 I wasn’t worried about graduate school or my career. Indeed, the only career thoughts I had was of opening some small business at a ski town. But most

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