30 Jan 2024

Podcast: The Growing Epidemic of Addiction in High Achievers, with Dr. Peter Grinspoon

In this episode, Mike interviews Dr. Peter Grinspoon on mental health and wellness for high performers, why lawyers have such high rates of addiction and depression, antidotes for the factors that lead to these high rates, the story of Dr. Grinspoon's 2019 debate at Yale Law School, and more.

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15 Dec 2023

Podcast: Dopamine & Success with Dr. Daniel Lieberman

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike interviews Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman, MD, a psychiatrist and best-selling author of The Molecule of More.

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06 Dec 2023

Podcast: Handling Expectations & the LSAT with 'Loophole' Author Ellen Cassidy

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike interviews Ellen Cassidy, author of the acclaimed 'Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning' and founder of Elemental Prep.

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21 Aug 2023

Three Tips for Brand New 1Ls (+ 1L Success Coaching)

Congrats to those of you launching your law school careers this month! As you navigate orientation and the heady first few days of classes, we thought it’d be a good time to share some advice—and an opportunity—from our Pre-L/1L Success team.

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06 Jul 2023

Why We Dedicate One In Every Four Podcasts To Mental Health

I mentioned something on a recent admissions podcast with Dean Z from Michigan Law School that I thought, even while saying it, was important enough to follow up on.

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26 Apr 2023

Podcast: Dr. Guy Winch on Handling Rejection (& Waiting) in Admissions (Re-Release)

This week, we're re-releasing a 2021 episode of Status Check with Spivey that is more relevant to our listeners than ever—our interview with Dr. Guy Winch.

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13 Jan 2023

Podcast: Reducing Stress & Increasing Happiness as a Student & Applicant

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike interviews Jordana Confino, Assistant Dean of Professionalism at Fordham Law School, about ways that law school applicants and students can healthily cope with and reduce stress and increase overall happiness and well-being.

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09 Sep 2022

Podcast: The One Biggest Piece of Advice for New Lawyers from Bill Eddy, JD/Therapist

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike interviews Bill Eddy, an award-winning mediator, attorney, author, and therapist who developed "high conflict personality theory" and is an expert in dealing with high conflict people in the practice of law.

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21 Mar 2022

Podcast: Dr. Jud Brewer on the Highly Effective Way to Overcome Anxiety

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Judson Brewer about proven, concrete strategies to manage anxiety, including how to apply them for LSAT-related test anxiety and the stress of waiting for admissions results.

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26 Oct 2021

Podcast: Dr. Anna Lembke, Author of Dopamine Nation & Featured on The Social Dilemma

Dr. Anna Lembke is a Stanford University psychiatrist, author of the New York Times best-seller Dopamine Nation, and a featured expert on the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma.

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