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20 Apr 2015

The Top 5 Most Popular Spivey Consulting Blogs Of The Last 3 years

1. 103 Pages of Admissions Questions Answered [] 2. Scholarship Negotiation Advice [] 3. Is an Early Decision Application Bump at t14 real? Some data. [] (*note each year this advice changes slightly based on admit patterns by law schools)

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11 Mar 2015

Podcast of 2016 USNWR Law Rankings. Send us your questions!

Scott Moss, longtime chair of the Colorado Law faculty admissions committee, data guru, and still a dead ringer for Fred Savage [] and I will be doing a Podcast Monday, March 16th on the new USNWR rankings. We will upload the file here once we are done. In the meantime, please feel free to tweet [] or email us at us questions you’d like for us to discuss.

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28 Jan 2015

Transfer Special! Only Pay 50% Until You Are Admitted.

Think it is too early to get going on Transfer Applications? We’re already finishing up a few! Here is how our Transfer deal works. You only have to pay 1/2 upfront. We do all the rest with you. If you get into the school(s) you are applying to, you pay the second half. It is as simple as that. Shoot us an email before we fill up!******

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30 Dec 2013

2014 Special Admissions/Employment/Law School Preperation Packages

We have resolved to make 2014 our best year yet — and,  more  importantly,  to help make it yours too! So, we are going to start off the year with a bang and offer a number of great deals. These won’t last for long as we approach capacity. Contact us at:, and let’s have a wonderful & rewarding 2014 together! Admissions: Wait-List help for an unlimited number of schools and for the entire 2013-2014 cycle: $950 Scholarship negotiation help for an unlimited number of sc

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08 Dec 2013

Invitation for Pre-Law Societies

Dear Pre-Law Organization, Welcome to the Spivey Consulting website! We reached out because we thought you’d be interested in staying ahead of the curve as you help your pre-law students in today’s fast-paced environment. While we primarily work with individual law school applicants, we alsoblog []andtweet []myth-busting information, important deadlines, helpful application tips, and relevant news. We’re also first to pub

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26 Nov 2013

Update on Admits and our Client Capacity

The best part of this job is sharing in the good news! The feeling of hearing from a client who got their dream school beats about anything both Karen and I have experienced professionally. And this cycle has already had its share of celebrations. We have clients in at Harvard, Stanford,  UVA, Berkeley, Michigan, Duke,  Cornell, Georgetown, Vanderbilt and more! What’s next? We are working hard — in fact at least one of us will be at work every day over the Holidays– to keep it rolling.And we

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15 Nov 2013

A brief note on doing admissions consulting the right way

Just about every week we talk to people who we do not believe we can substantially help, or we are not convinced should go to law school. We tell them exactly this. There are many reasons we do this, but they all boil down to the simple fact that we would much rather help others, and help others the right way, than have someone send us a check. Talk is cheap, though, and what matters is that we live it. So I thought someone else telling us that we are doing just that — practicing the integrity t

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13 Nov 2013

We are HIRING!

Job Description: Internship with the Spivey Consulting Group Requirements: 1. An applicant for the 2014-2015 Law School Admissions cycle (we will consider applicants for later cycles but would prefer for “next” cycle, 2014-2015. 2. Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint Expertise 3. Word Press understanding and experience Preferences: 1. Need to be able to work entirely independently and without supervision 2. Interest in and knowledge of the law school admissions process 3. Professi

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01 Sep 2013

Special Resume, Personal, Diversity, C&F Statement(s) Packages Week of 9/2 Only

To start the additions of Karen Buttenbaum (Harvard Law) and Jennifer Winslow (Colorado Law, Morrison & Foerster, UCLA Law Review) off with a bang we are offering specials for the week of 9/2-9/7 only. Send us any or all of Personal Statement, Resume, Diversity Statement, Character & Fitness Statement and we will review,  edit , and discuss with you strategically vis-a-vis the schools you are applying to AND have back to you by 9/9 at the following rates: Personal Statement: $425 Resume: $150

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11 Jul 2013

OCI on your mind?

It’s in ours too and we are in your corner! Spivey Consulting now offers an OCI package (resume/cover letter/mock interviews and strategic firm selection) for $975 or an hourly package of $200/hour for OCI help. We’ll even call you the day of your interviews and help get you in the right frame of mind! Contact us at:

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