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06 Jul 2013

Top 20 Law Schools

Of the top 20 law school, this year Spivey Consulting Clients have been admitted to: (asterisk means more than 1 clients successfully admitted) Yale Harvard* Columbia Chicago* NYU* Penn* UVA* Michigan* Duke* Northwestern* Cornell* Georgetown Texas* Vanderbilt* USC WashU* Comprehensive data will be released in September.

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17 Jun 2013

Hey You, Ding the Wait-List!

Wait-list activity this admissions cycle has been unprecedented and most, if not almost all law school will need to keep admitting from the wait list. Spivey Consulting is in high demand and we only have a few open spots for this admissions cycle (2012/2013). Email us to get one of our remaining spots at

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07 Jun 2013

Spivey Consulting Social Media Resources

There are a good deal of different messages we try to get out and the social media outlets we use often have specific focuses. Here is a brief description and link for each: Twitter: We use Twitter for three primary reasons: 1. To share well researched and value-added articles related to law admissions school and other related stories 2. To post job opportunities in Higher Education in Legal Education –some of which come directly to Spivey

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06 Jun 2013

Free Services

All of the following are free and, for some, can really make a difference. June 10th LSAT If you are freaked out, anxious, need a distraction, or all of the above you can call my work phone (found at my website homepage) and I am happy to talk you down from the ledge. I have literally done this hundreds of times and a number of people have said it helped. I’ve even blocked off my Monday morning calendar for this. September Travel to Colleges and Universities I’m going to be traveling in Sept

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20 May 2013

The World's Quickiest & Easiest Survey

Below is a link to a survey so I can better help you. It consists of only 5 questions and takes less than 3 minutes to complete. One note, if indeed you want to help bring me to speak on campus please email me directly. This generally applies to student leaders, pre-law society members, or students at colleges where they do not feel they have received much pre-law advice. Enjoy!

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17 Apr 2013

Limited number of special packages: Mock Interviews, Wait-list, Transfer

I have four packages available, which break down as follows: (first 10 on each of the first three and then they close out) 1. Mock Skype or Phone Interview + 1 hour of wait-list advice. Price: $400. Package: You get an hour of mock interview (not with me, with someone who does this for a living) which includes the interview, evaluation of interview, and suggestions of what to say for your real interview that take the particular school in mind. Additionally, I will spent an hou

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30 Oct 2012

Partnership with Pro Bono U Announcement

Spivey Consulting Group is pleased to partner with Pro Bono U.

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18 Oct 2012

Why does Spivey Consulting turn away clients?

I’ve had to turn away a good number of clients, and I have tried very hard to explain to each why that is. It strikes me as a good idea to outline this policy a bit here.

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02 Oct 2012

Upcoming Events and Speaking Engagements

Upcoming speaking engagements and events!

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