09 Jul 2020

Predicting the 2020/2021 Law School Admissions Cycle

The 2020-2021 admissions cycle is going to be the most challenging yet to predict, and most will understand a large part of that uncertainty.

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06 Jul 2020
01 Jul 2020

Law schools that have announced they will be fully or primarily remote this fall

We're compiling a list of law schools that are fully or primarily online for the Fall 2020 semester.

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27 Jun 2020

University, College, and Law School COVID-19 Update & An Alternative Model

COVID-19 isn't going anywhere in the near future, yet only 3 law schools and only 8% of universities and colleges have announced they will be entirely remote for fall 2020.

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18 Jun 2020

Podcast: Academics, Athletics, and COVID-19

Mike was asked by a affiliate to speak about higher education as it relates to the upcoming fall athletic season.

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05 Jun 2020

Podcast: Harvard Law Goes Fully Remote for Fall 2020. Will Other Law Schools Follow Suit and What It Means for Applicants

In this podcast, Spivey Consulting Group founder Mike Spivey discusses Harvard Law School's recent announcement that all classes will be held fully remotely for Fall 2020 — what does it mean for other law schools, for international students, the ABA, and current applicants?

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07 May 2020

Predicting the COVID-19 Summer Of Law School Waitlist Movement

Early in my admissions career, a former boss of mine would often use the following Niels Bohr quote when speaking of law school admissions: “prediction is difficult, especially when it involves the future.”

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30 Apr 2020

Schools are now confirming in large numbers they will be open. What questions did we not answer?

As I write this, the Texas Tech President is being interviewed by CNN on how they plan on opening on campus, which is remarkably similar to how we described in our most recent podcast a few days ago.

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28 Apr 2020

Podcast: Universities, Colleges, and Law Schools Plan to Be Open On Campus This Fall

In this podcast, Spivey Consulting Group founder and higher education expert Mike Spivey discusses the plans universities are making to resume on-campus operations this fall, as well as challenges to those plans from the medical community.

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26 Apr 2020

List of Colleges Who Have Commented on Reopening Plans

We will have an update on how we project things will unfold by May 4th.

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