18 Jun 2020

Podcast: Academics, Athletics, and COVID-19

Mike was asked by a rivals.com affiliate to speak about higher education as it relates to the upcoming fall athletic season.

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11 Jun 2020

Podcast: Recession Job Search Tips You Won’t Hear from Career Services

Mike Spivey served as a law school dean of career services during the Great Recession, and in this podcast he shares actionable advice for legal networking that you won't hear from your CSO.

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05 Jun 2020

Podcast: Harvard Law Goes Fully Remote for Fall 2020. Will Other Law Schools Follow Suit and What It Means for Applicants

In this podcast, Spivey Consulting Group founder Mike Spivey discusses Harvard Law School's recent announcement that all classes will be held fully remotely for Fall 2020 — what does it mean for other law schools, for international students, the ABA, and current applicants?

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18 Mar 2020

Podcast: Update on COVID-19 / Coronavirus & Law School Admissions

Just a quick update from Mike Spivey on how the continuously developing situation with COVID-19 / coronavirus is impacting — and will continue to impact — law school admissions.

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12 Mar 2020

Podcast: COVID-19's Implications for Law Schools and Admissions

You can also listen to this podcast on SoundCloud [https://soundcloud.com/user-158254372/spivey-consulting-on-coronavirus-covid-19-and-the-implications-for-law-schools-and-admissions] or Apple Podcasts [https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/spivey-consulting-law-school-admissions-podcast/id1477090223] .

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23 Feb 2020

Podcast: How Mike Spivey Would Apply to Law School

This is a very encompassing podcast that features the A to Z of the law school admissions process.

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08 Feb 2020

Podcast: How will the rest of the 2019/2020 Law School Admissions Cycle Play Out?

In this podcast, SCG's Mike Spivey speaks on what to expect for the rest of the cycle — including why it might greatly favor some people with strong softs this summer, thus making it a "Soft Cycle," but also why it has and will continue to be slow.

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15 Jan 2020

Podcast: How to Approach and What to Take Away from Admitted Student Days/Weekends

In this podcast, Spivey Consulting Founding Partner Mike Spivey talks about why law schools have admitted student programs, what you can expect from them, what you can expect from others at the event, and how to make the most of the visit.

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25 Nov 2019

Podcast: The Waiting is Long and Full of Terrors

In this podcast, Spivey Consulting Group Founder and Partner Mike Spivey discusses the hardest part of the law school admissions process—the waiting—and how it can cause some applicants to hurt their own chances of admission.

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12 Nov 2019

Podcast: Mike Spivey on the Darker Side of Self-Doxing in Law School Admissions

In this podcast, Spivey Consulting Group Founder and Partner Mike Spivey discusses what happens when a law school applicant posts something that deeply offends or insults law school admissions officers who may know who they are in real life.

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